Welcome to St Mark's, the Parish Church of Woodcote, Purley


Important News:

St. Mark's and St. Swithun's Advent Outreach Mission

Our Outreach Mission begins on 27th November. Read all about it on our Mission page. 
Link to the Making Connections website for updates on the Mission.

Christmas at St. Mark's

Come and celebrate Christmas with us at St. Mark's this year.

What is the true meaning of Christmas?  Too often the answers are more about sentimentality, comfortable traditions, or the ‘warm fuzziness’ we find in phrases like ‘the spirit of giving’, or ‘the quest for world peace’, rather than a deeper reflection on the significance of the Incarnation for humanity.
The deeper meaning lies within the impossible becoming possible. It is a possibility that is easily symbolised by a helpless infant that has nothing of its own by which to survive: yet an infant that, because he is Immanuel: God with us, will forever change the world and all humanity.
It is this possibility, this God, that we celebrate at Christmas; and we do so with a confidence born not of our own desire for it to be so, but from the birth of a child over 2000 years ago, a child who was the Son of God!

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Advance Notice:

25th Purley Scout Group Jumble Sale

Saturday 4th February, 1:00pm - 3:00pm in the Hall.

Regular Hall Lettings

We currently have vacancies for groups wishing to hold regular sessions at St. Mark’s.  Please phone Sue Carter for details: 07811 162539
You can see pictures of our hall facilities on the 'Hall Lettings' button at the top of this page.

The Church Community

St Mark’s is the Parish Church of Woodcote, the church for the local community, and is a welcoming family of Christians of all ages.

There is a strong sense of community surrounding St. Mark’s; many people visit the church and its halls on a weekly basis. But at the heart of all the activity is the witness of the church which continues to be a focus of God's presence here, open to all who live in the surrounding streets.

St. Mark's is open daily from 9.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. for private prayer, and for those who wish to experience the peace and beauty of the church.


Details of our regular Sunday services maybe found on the 'About' tab.

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You are invited to spend some time looking through our website, which contains a wealth of information about St. Mark's and its many activities.