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Dear Friends,

The seasons of Advent Christmas and Epiphany celebrate the incarnation of Christ, and his being revealed to the world. a reminder to us that the light of Christ breaks through the darkness of this world.

Advent begins four Sundays before the 25th December. It is a time of hope and expectation, hope for something that is promised by God and anticipated, but not yet fully realised and present. This is precious and requires us to not only pay attention to the signs of hope around us, but also be the ones who bring the signs of hope into other people’s lives and to challenge the negativity around us. It is a time for Christians to examine the depth and strength of our faith in God and in his providence in the person of Jesus Christ.

Advent 1: 9.15 am Sunday 27th November

Advent 2: 9.15 am Sunday 4th December

Advent 3: 9.15 am Sunday 11th December

Advent 4: 9.15 am Sunday 18th December

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